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About us

ERAM spol. s r.o. company was established as succession subject to ERAM s.r.o. company which activites was dated from 1996 based on really experienced specialists within the investment and assembling units in the electrical branch. We use the highly experienced team of specialists focused on high-voltage and low-voltage power and electronics.

Delivery, assembling and support services:

Transformators, switching stations, cable ways, lightning circuits of industrial properties, civil buildings (hotels, hypermarkets and shoping centres, council buildings and flats), regulation and stabilisation of public lightning circuits and controlling systems, industrial equipment maintenace. Non-separatable part of our deliveries is project documentation, complete set of pre- and post- implementation tests, and auditor's report.

FOGLAR Jaroslav    head - manager +420 602 252 688


SIMOVA Eva    backoffice manager   esimka@centrum.cz
SIMRAL Josef    external software consultant +420 731 557 670


ERAM CZ s.r.o.    trading channel company   eram-cz@centrum.cz